The Story of Bluenose Seafood

The founders of Bluenose Seafood, Elliot Givner and Ian Dempsey grew up in the same community of Purcell’s cove, Nova Scotia and have been involved in the fish business for most of their lives.
Elliot spent his summers as a teenager unloading boats, and went on to study the quality control end of the fish business at Holland College.
Ian comes from a fishing family, he studied marine biology at Dalhousie University and started his career with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Ian joined the sales side of the industry when Elliot offered him an opportunity in 2000. The pair quickly established a reputation with North American fish markets, retail stores, wholesalers, and restaurant chains as suppliers of the highest quality seafood directly from the vessels catching, plants cutting, and farms producing in Canada, the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

In 2010 Elliot and Ian joined forces creating Bluenose seafood. Since then Bluenose Seafood has continued to grow, the company now has 8 full time employees, and a full product line of fresh and frozen seafood. Bluenose Seafood has proven sales strategies for both the short and long term, business planning, logistical support and financing for 200 customers and counting.

With nearly 50+ years of experience in the wholesale seafood business, Bluenose has proven the ability to provide your company with the continuity of supply and vital information pertaining to product landings, availability, and market pricing. We strive to educate our customers, allowing them to make the best purchasing decisions possible.